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Free Breathing Class: Week 1

Here is are some short breathing exercises to do if you want to feel more connected with your body, grounded, calmer, and more ready to deal with the crazy situation that we all find ourselves in right now.

I will be doing one of these every weekday, focused on how we can improve the quality of our breathing.

Hope you enjoy it, please and like share, and if you have any questions please add them in the comments below!

Join me live at 11am GMT on my Facebook page for a new class every weekday!

Day 1: Breathing into the abdomen.

Day 2: Breathing in the Chest.

Day 3: Exploring the speed and quality of your breathing.

Day 4: Breathing and Meditation.

Day 5: Exploring the diaphragm.

These lessons are all provided free of charge however if you wish to show your support and help me continue with this project during our current health crisis. I would really appreciate any donations you feel comfortable giving.

With thanks,


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