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Knife Hit 2 Mod APK: The Ultimate Knife Challenge Game with Unlimited Features

The ultimate knife challenge is here!Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss - beat them to get exclusive knives! Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!Can you beat all the bosses?

knife hit 2 mod apk

The apples are like bonus points for the player who wins. If you see the appearance of an apple, try to throw the knife at your best. Knife Hit does not underestimate the low-speed players, but the rankings here only care about the score. The process you play is not important, so think about how to play to stand with your friends or more in the ranking list. The powerful sound effect of each knife when you fly always creates excitement for the player. Color images also help this game stand out but not too flashy.

The number of knives in the game Knife Hit is very large, with 320+ knives of all types of players can easily find the knife you want. Knives unlock with apples, watch ads, or pay through Knife Hit packages. But GameDVA thinks that it is not necessary because achievement in this game is still the most focused factor. Nobody discusses the player who has a nice knife, they only care about the top positions in the rankings.

There is not too much to say about Knife Hit because it is really a simple game about both gameplay and function. Holding a knife and throwing a blank into the board is what you will do. Take care not to collide with previously darted knives, break the piece of wood, and reach the next level. Download Knife Hit MOD APK your dagger level will be faithfully presented through this fun game.

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Players are waited by a huge set of levels, the complexity of which changes from time to time, forcing them to act more quickly and simultaneously accurately. The point of what is happening on the screen is to stick all the knives in the wooden target in the center of the screen. It should not do it on time but quickly and accurately; otherwise, one knife will fall on the other, and the game is immediately over.

Knife Hit has various settings users can change. These include the level's difficulty, the knives players receive and how fast the wooden wheel rotates. Players can choose from easy, medium or hard levels; adjust the speed of their spins; change the rewards given and even set the level to automatic. Add new knives to your collection by completing quests, finding in chests or purchasing from vendors. You can also open new knife collections by choosing which knife to start with.

As you progress, the challenges become harder and you must time your throws to perfection! After every 5th level, you have a boss encounter in which you must complete an even harder knife throwing challenge! This game has great playability and is a huge amount of fun. Test your reactions and timing today in Knife Hit! You now can play the sequel in Knife Hit 2.

Feel free to have fun with the casual and enjoyable knife throwing gameplay whenever and wherever you want. Take on multiple in-game levels, and find yourself going against intimidating bosses. The simple yet interesting gameplay in Knife Hit would certainly make the game more interesting.

Name of the game you want hacked: Knife hitVersion of the game: 1.6Google Play Store Link: =com.ketchapp.knifehit&hl=enRooted or Unrooted: unrooted

Knife hit - flip knives at the moving log. Hit the target with all knives to complete the level and get a reward. Test your accuracy in this simple but exciting Android game. Tap the screen in the right moment to flip a sharp knife to the target. In case you do everything right, the knife will stick in the log. But you will fail, in case the knife crashes against the other knife, stuck in the log before. There are also apples on the moving log. Hit them to get an extra reward.

In Knife Hit, players must prove their precision by slicing juicy apples with sharp knives. The goal is to slice through as many apples as possible without colliding with the other knives already stuck in the wooden target or hitting the obstacles on the screen. The gameplay is straightforward yet challenging. Players must tap the screen to hurl knives at the rotating target, targeting the apples that emerge at different positions. Each successful hit cuts through the apple, accumulating points and unlocking new knife designs.

The bosses in Knife Hit are more formidable than the regular stages, with more obstacles and faster rotations. Players must have quick reflexes and impeccable timing to strike all the targets and defeat the boss. The reward is a coveted exclusive knife that cannot be obtained in any other way.

While it can be tempting to throw the knife with all your might, over-throwing can actually make it more difficult to hit the target. Instead, try to make smaller, more controlled throws that are more accurate and precise.

Knife Hit is a game about knife throwing. Accordingly, you will have to launch all the stars into the log. Destroy the target to be able to complete the mission and continue to the new challenge. Based on the mission system, each stage of the game takes place. Along with challenging rules that need to be followed. Will have to play again from the beginning when failing, only when passing the mission can you go to a new stage. Through it will have the opportunity to explore many different types of knives. But they need to be unlocked after meeting the level requirements for completion. At the same time, you will receive slices of red apple. From collected challenges, can then be used in trading activities. Unlock some new features to enhance the experience.

Based on the knife launcher content of the game to perform the task. Unlock challenges in stages. Start at the first stage with a relatively small number of knives to launch. It will be easy to launch the whole thing at the target to complete the mission. But continuing to the new stage, the number of knives will gradually increase. Make it difficult for you to overcome. Because the radius of the target does not change, the number of knives to be launched is larger than before. This will narrow the space to launch the knife further back. Not stopping there, along with the movement following inertia, it will be more difficult to determine the point to launch. Makes it easy for you to slide into another knife and receive defeat.

The normal knife stages will be opened with a wooden plate. But the boss stage will be created by many different types. For example lemons, shields covered with thorns, cheese, tomatoes, and others. Each goal will be shaped in its own style. Shown in color, with accompanying obstacles. But besides that, there is also the appearance of red apples. They appear randomly at some stage. You can collect by launching the precision knife to cut into slices.

At Knife Hit there are many different types of knives used for launching. They are designed in a unique shape. The difference can be seen through the handle and blade. Along with that, the size of each type of knife will not be the same. With a diverse collection will help you explore freely. But it cannot be used for free, instead will have to use the collected apple slices to unlock. Depending on the type of knife will require different quantities. Or through the unlocking operation, when reaching a certain stage, you also receive new knives.

Knife Hit is a fun, simple game that allows people to test their reflexes, speed, timing and precision. In this game the player has to cut various objects shown on the screen with a virtual knife without touching any of the objects. The player has three lives for each stage and if he cuts two or more objects at once, he loses a life. When you lose all your lives, you are taken to the game over screen. If the player touches an object while cutting another object with the knife, he will lose one life. With every level completed, you earn 1 point. In some levels there is an additional bonus that gives extra points upon completion. The maximum score possible is 999 points.

Knife Hit is physics based puzzle game where your goal is to knife the spinning targets. You have a limited number of knives and targets can be tricky to hit, so plan your moves carefully. Each level has a different target to aim for, so you need to figure out the best path for your knives. Some levels require precise measurements and quick reflexes. Knife Hit is easy to pick up and play but hard to master. Try it out!

Knife Hit MOD APK is an addictive arcade game where your reflexes have to be on their guard if you want to succeed! You control a knife which clashes with other knives. The faster you hit them, the more points you get. Sounds simple right but this game will dazzle you with its simplicity and the dynamics of the infinite play! Play against funny characters, create your own levels on the map editor, compete in multiplayer mode and enjoy dynamic gameplay, simple controls and colorful graphics no matter if you are at work or at home.


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