'Pushing through' is seen to improve our resilience and increase our will power, but it also comes with a cost. When we do that we have started to disconnect from our own inner guidance system, and that does not serve us well in the long run. Playfulness is a much better medium for improvement, and the added benefit is that you get to feel good while you do it!

From a evolutionary perspective play is an integral part of the learning process, just think of when you see animals playing in David Attenborough's nature documentaries.. the young animal is learning adult behavior through play!


Why then do we only consider our own learning to be effective, when we are regimented, strict, disciplined?

We can be so mean to ourselves when it comes to learning something, but is there a kinder approach?

Can we learn to get back in contact with our inner playfulness, and find a way to put the life back into learning?

Find out the answer to all these deep philosophical questions (while having fun!) in the Permission to be Playful Workshop, further details below. 

In this workshop you will learn two unique

Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons that will help you to develop a more playful attitude to your own situation, it will be a perfect combination of learning, movement improvement and fun!

Sounds good right?! :o)


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2 Hour Workshop

Saturday May 22nd

4-6pm BST