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Sit Still!

Do you remember when you were younger and you were told by you parent or teacher to sit still?

And do you remember the feeling you had before and after being told that?

Now it's completely possible that we have forgotten all the instances we were told to sit still in our youth, but in some way you can still feel that feeling, some inner desire to move, to fidget, to change position, to stop focusing on the thing you have been told is important and to play, to have fun, to explore, climb, jump, crawl.

All of it.

But no, that is not how you should behave.

Do you want to be good?

Do you want me to like you? Then sit still and don't move.

The really sad thing is that sitting still at the expense of our inner desire to move has never helped any of us, parents, children, grandparents. We have all suffered the effects of immobilising ourselves. Sore backs, strained eyes, painful necks and shoulders, bad knees, poor digestion, breathing problems, sexual problems. They all come back to the lack of movement we have been prescribed as a means of control.

So for the rest of the day why not be a rebel, move as much as you can, when ever you feel like it, and don't worry even for a second about whether you will get told off.

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