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Thoughtfulness: An antidote to modern life

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

A common aspect of the high pace lives we lead is that we don't have time for being understanding, so we become adept at making fast judgements and snap decisions.

But in some way that actually makes us more critical and because of that we have developed a habit of being extremely hard on ourselves. We put very high expectations on ourselves and we endlessly beat ourselves up when we inevitably fail to meet them.

In many ways this is a form of bullying and I would like to bring attention to it.

I would suggest that this kind of self criticism is best mediated through thoughtful movement, as in, movement practices that include the inquisitive self awareness elements of meditation practice.

It is through consciously paying attention to yourself while in movement, that you can begin to understand when you take yourself out of comfort into striving, pushing and trying to achieve. Then when you become better at staying in your sense of ease and comfort you can begin to experiment and even allow yourself to get it wrong.

This creates a safe learning space that is non-judgemental, and it is in that space that you begin to find self compassion while at the same time seeking improvement in your actions.

This practise can lead your to be truly present in yourself, loving all your imperfections and inadequacies, your failed attempts and your lack of skills or understanding.

Another way of saying this would be that it makes you more thoughtful in the way you treat yourself and consequently the way you treat others, and that, as far as I can see, has zero negative consequences.

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